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Levon Vincent - Stereo Systems Album

Levon Vincent - Stereo Systems Album Performer: Levon Vincent
Album: Stereo Systems
Country: US
Released: 04 Dec 2012
Style: House, Techno
Label: Novel Sound
Genre: Electronic
Catalog #: NS-07
Size FLAC: 1676 mb.
Size MP3: 2228 mb.
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 822
Record Source: Vinyl, 12", White Label


1Together Forever
2Speck's Jam
3Stereo Systems


  • Songwriter [All Songs By]Levon Vincent


Some copies of this release are severely warped because of unknown reasons.
Online buyers should be aware of this and contact the seller if it is warped or not.


  • Matrix / Runout: (Runout Side A): NS-07 A REM - RCE
  • Matrix / Runout: (Runout Side B): NS-07 B



Watch the video for Stereo Systems from Levon Vincent's fabric 63 for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Levon Vincent is a producer and DJ based in Brooklyn. A native of Manhattan's Lower East Side, he has been releasing music since 2002, primarily on his own imprints Novel Sound, Decon read more. A native of Manhattan's Lower East Side, he has been releasing music since 2002, primarily on his own imprints Novel Sound, Deconstruct Music, now-defunct More Music NY as we read more. Stereo Systems. Critic Score. Or consider a donation Become a Donor Donor badge, no ads more benefits. Features Song Lyrics for Levon Vincent's Stereo Systems album. Stereo Systems Lyrics. Together Forever Lyrics. Specks Jam Lyrics. Levon Vincent Lyrics provided by . Do you like this album Leave a review. In the Know. Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop Wipe Out June 22, 1963. RIFFd: Nas Nasir. Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop Mr. Tambourine Man June 21, 1965. Levon Vincent Stereo Systems. Etichetta: Novel Sound NS-07. Stereo Systems is a decent track, b1 is fine. Rispondi Avvertimi Helpful. sunny daze. 19 settembre 2014. loving the stereo systems. Levon Vincent is giving away his new album. World Order Music is out today on Vincent's label, Novel Sound. This LP was written while traveling around playing for sweat-drenched dance floors, watching Brexit unfold, listening to old house music and spending days in the studio with my cat, Vincent says. Listen to World Order Music on Bandcamp. Watch a teaser for the album. Levon Vincent - Stereo Systems. Levon Vincent - Fabric 63. Levon Vincent. Fabric 63. Levon Vincent's seminal self-titled album released on his own Novel Sounds imprint. Full album in high quality 320kbps quality with included tracklist . Stereo systems novel sound 07. Synthesizer cake 1 novel sound 24. Synthesizer cake 3 novel sound 24. Levon Vincent London, UK. Novel Sound NYC: Music For Survivors. levon novel sound I am a scientist working in the field of ass-shakery. Download MP3. MP3 320Kbps

Stereo Systems is a hymn of block club in summer 2012. happy to have it on wax
Stereo Systems is a decent track, b1 is fine.
loving the stereo systems
Now, that we settled this distribution bullshit whether this pressing is good or bad (mine is prefect) , can we just talk about the music?I feel that "Stereo Systems" is greatly underrated as a track, I understand why, it is not the perfect example of a danceable cut that moves within itself and develops like most of past of Levon's work - but this track works wonders on my mind waves. it is a stompin' Roger Linn Linndrum machine steady 4/4 kick that moves left and right very tightly. the effects somehow remind Aphex Twin approach, truly sci-fi cinematic feel. if you try this stuff on a big real stereo system I assure you it can make wonders. also - seems that a lot of people missed the nicest melodies in the last minute of the track, truly touching stuff to contradict the stiffness, feels like ice-cream on top of steak :)"Together Forever" is a cut-the-crap lets-break-som'stuff track, aggressive to a punk attitude extent. still interesting how Levon manages to manipulate the beats into sounding like a horse riding towards you, and then builds up the tension gradually to break it into pieces. complete crusher, love it."Speck's Jam" was firstly introduced as R.I.P Tape Club promo mix intro track for the Underground Quality label. it is a twisted guitar baseline repeating with a N.Y traditional huff and puff rhythmic house effect. all around you can definitely hear favorite Roland Space-echo tape cracking up the volume with this pull and release feel.I don't think you should buy a record because it is relatively cheaper from others, but I am glad this release is much more accessible to the public then many more of Levon's, which are slowly fading away...
...sometimes hard to review product condition if distributed-- many stages before reaching customer's hands. Only gripe with Novel Sound/Deconstruct is poor budget for subsequent edition pressing. Too big of a scene impact for such a small label-- sorry acidhouse if these words sound too mothering, but my love for your records left me no other choice...
Just don't let damaged products leave the plant. Tighten your quality control everybody.
My copy came perfect, as all the novel sound records. :)
leave Levon alone! :'o
Warmest greetings, My name is Levon Vincent. Im terribly sorry to read some of your troubles. I have made more than 60,000 records in the past ten years, these are the first issues I have ever had. The majority of this run are perfect- flat, playable copies. There are a some words about warped or damaged copies that made it to the hands of the retailers. I urge these retailers not to sell any copies that may come through this way. You make me look bad and you don't do the record business any favors either. These amount to less than 5% of the total number manufactured, and far less than .01% of the total number of records I have made in my career. I am again so sorry that there is a blemish on my otherwise perfect track record. I suspect that since the records are 'hot items' these days that retailers are more apt to sell the defects. But they should not be- and every country has consumer protection laws in place to help in the event that you do get something defective. Just as the textile industry, automobiles, etc etc etc. -You can return the record to a shop that sells a defect. I just wish there were no defects to begin with.In answer to the 'shame on Levon Vincent' 180grams remarks- I can't say I firmly believe weight+density equals 'better quality.' I use a custom blend of 75% virgin, 25% recycled vinyl, pressed at 140 grams. This is the same blend I have used since my first pressing, for all three of my labels and every single release I've made, the same manufacture process for Deconstruct is the same exact used for Novel Sound. I feel is it far higher grade for DJs than the 'audiophile' 180 gram virgin vinyl blend, which cannot withstand the travel in DJ crates, or the rigor involved with the DJ lifestyle overall. The quarter of recycled wax makes the record just a tiny bit softer which aids in tracking over as many plays as required by a DJ. Thats the reason the records stand the test of time and so many plays. I use one of the few very best manufacturers remaining, quality is UTMOST, (they are also the most expensive but I feel it's worth it.) If I got enough requests for 180 grams I might do a run or two like that, but really that would be aimed for home listening and fewer plays, and I am more focused to make the best product possible for DJs. I am very sorry to read of these troubles but I assure you its not something that myself, my distro or manufacturer stand for and the problem will not be repeated. once every ten years some copies get damaged along the journey to the people's hands. It won't become routine. Thank you for listening, and for your faith!
You really are the coolest dude...
Stick to the 140 gm, as the 180gm is just a marketing ploy imho. I've never noticed ANY discernible difference in audio quality between the two weights. In fact, if anything the 180gm just don't "feel right" under your hand. Plus, anything that keeps down the weight of my box is a GOOD THING ! Us aging vinyl DJ's need all the help we can get ! Keep those killer tunes coming ! And throw a few reissues in !
I dont know who is or what are your vinyl dealers but my copy is perfectly fine as always with like every NS which I have, NS-02-NS08In fact, I have actually tried it on a large soundsystem and it does not fail. the 180 gram is kind of A myth when it comes down to records which are actually being used by dj's. sure Pink Floyd and all those rock classics whatever are nice to hear at home, but 180 gram is a real pain when it comes down to cueing , carrying and maintaining, they are simply not so practical. blaming your fault copy on the composer is simply like blaming it on the weatherman enjoy this record and dont believe everything you read on the net.
Levon is the man! Thanks for following up. I still have to check mine since it arrived while I was on vacation.
My NS-07 is warped. After reading your post, I decided to contact the (online) retailer and complain. The retailer resolved the issue to my satisfaction.Now I'm hoping for a repress.
I apologize for the wording I used. I have the highest respect for Levon and he is really a person that inspires me and I really do love his music. I'm sorry if I offended and didn't mean to disrespect. My sincere apologies but do understand that was not an attack just a poor way of expressing my dissatisfaction with the quality of the pressing I received. I love you Levon, I really do!
Thanks Levon for coming on here and putting your point across. I've read a couple of interviews you gave and it's great to see you stand up to the modest man portrayed in them. As you say it's a blip in an otherwise unblemished track record of quality. Can't wait for the next release.
It's unjustifiable for a user to say 'shame on _____' just because they're unhappy with a pressing. It's very easy to post strong opinions online. People say things they would never dream of saying if face to face with a person.
yeah mine's warped too. It's dished with the edges towards the A-side. B-side is fine if you use a clamp (Mukatsuku is cheap and very effective), and this side has the best tracks, both are mind-blowing. Musically an amazing release, one of the best yet on NS. Really wish he'd do these in 180g though, keep the stamped white label aesthetic but give us a solid piece of wax to work with.[edit] Got a second copy through Angel. Perfectly flat. Yay!
Just listening to mine now and there is some terrible crinkling, scratchy sound coming out of the right channel at the beginning of Speck's Jam that carries over from Together Forever. It's a good tune but a shitty shitty pressing, not impressed at all.
@ dumdidum - I just got my second pressing in the post from clone there, will see if it's the same. I've also left a reply on his facebook page. This really sucks balls, would be wary of buying his stuff in the future.
mine as well... :(
Brand new un-warped copies at Sounds of the Universe in London's Soho, got me one or two.. Very nice release indeed. Like it, Like it a-lot.
slight warp on mine from juno, not significant enough to affect playback, most likely due to weather. however, both of my copies of the Joey Anderson on Deconstruct were severely warped, from Halcyon. They wouldn't take them back either. just food for thought. Anyway, another excellent LV release. I think I speak for a lot of us in saying that we've been eagerly awaiting "Speck's Jam" for a LOOOOOOOONG time now. Awesome Christmas gift, haha.
I'm sure most of us can live with slightly warped records (as long as you can have a decent mix with it) but if a record is seriously warped, the shop should take it back, no questions asked. Halcyon shouldn't be doing that. I had the same issue with Chemical Records once. They wanted me to send them audio clips of the faulty record (wtf?). Thankfully most record places are run by great people who collect vinyl themselves.
i've had 40+ flat copies so far.
rydimryderDon't tell OCCIDENTAL. He'll buy them all and charge us $100 a pop for them!Hahaha. Not for LV's new records. You gotta spot genius BEFORE the masses if you want to flip wax. Timing is everything.
Don't tell OCCIDENTAL. He'll buy them all and charge us $100 a pop for them!
The same source as all copies in the UK. Rubadub Distribution. FYI .. I had 3 warped copies - the rest were completely flat.
From what source did these 40+ flat copies come...?
PS: records often warp when delivered in winter because of a rapid change in temperature...
I bought a copy from a UK based record shop which arrived in perfect condition. I have also seen copies here in a Berlin record store that also were not warped...
Saw this at Halcyon in New York and heard from a staffer most all the copies of this are warped.
There seems to be quite a few seriously warped copies of this record around (not just a bit of a wobble, more like a tidal wave). One Uk based shop informed me that all of thier copies were this way. Make sure you get a flat copy! 'Together forever' is the track for me. Levon continues to justify the high level of interest in his music by keeping the standard very high.
My copy is totally warped, too. Records like this shouldn't even get into the distribution cycle at all!
Can we redirect this discussion to how fantastic "Speck's Jam" is?! Holy cow Levon continues to impress. This is some serious next level production, I love this record.
Only 2 stores seem to have this .. Bound to turn up here in a weeks time at crazy prices, right?
Sometimes when a record is warped, I heat up the label with a hairdryer, then flip it over and cool it down on the label with ice and then put something heavy on it and let it come back to its normal temperature, if you're lucky, your record is OK to play. Please note that I don't accept any liability for this method. Be carefull!
deejay.de, decks.de, music-head.de and many others got this gem, so please chill :)
honest jon's + bleep still have it... probably more
these comments are nothing but useless speculation and contribute to unnecessary, inflated prices. several "hype" releases have been getting a similar treatment and it is quite annoying to see as a record buyer. yeah, it really sucks when you don't get the record. it hurts. but try to move on, there will be another great one next month. in this case here we're seeing complaints while it's still in stock everywhere. just type the release name into google, buy it and leave this page for discussion about MUSIC instead of ECONOMICS. thanks.
Perr, quit YOUR fucking whining, and quit trying to suppress honest criticism and debate—the point of god damn forums and comment boxes like this one. No one wants to hear your trite little remarks so if you don't have anything to add to the conversation then do us all a favour and shut the fuck up.
Which stores have you tried? Juno have it if you're after a copy http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/476755-01.htm
quit your fucking whining